Monday, April 24, 2017

Being Intentional in May

Ok, ladies, we are one week away from the start of May.  Crazy how fast this year is going.  Last year at this time several of you participated over email with me in a little funzie we called Every Day in May!  This was all over blog land and Facebook last year and some of you joined in with me sharing our intentions thru email.

So this year, we will do it here on the blog.  It is simple.  We each decide we will be intentional about doing something to better ourselves or others each day in the month of May.  Look, if we are not careful time just gets away from us and we look up and another month has gone by.  Well we've got our eyes on you, May.  We plan on looking back May 31st and feeling accomplished about all the good we were intentional about doing.

You choose the order.  You choose things that won't stress you.  You decide what things you will feel good about having accomplished when we get to May 31st.  I will be sharing here periodically what I manage to do and would love to here from you too.

Here are a lot more than 31 ideas.  Remember you only do one a day so just cross off all the ones that don't appeal to you and select from the rest.....or just come up with your own. Maybe you have some things that you keep "meaning to do" those would be great ones to check off this month while we are all focused on being intentional.

Now for a few ideas to get you started......

1. Plan lunch with some girlfriends you need to catch up with
2. Clean a special piece of jewelry
3. Write and send a handwritten note to someone special
4. Have a spend free day (no vending machine, no online, no last minute Kroger run)
5. Take a nap
6. Clean your work/home office
7. Donate 3 articles of clothing
8. Clean out a drawer than needs attention
9. Clean your make-up brushes
10. Pay 2 sincere compliments to someone
11. Make a dessert for a neighbor
12. Clean out your car
13. Try a new lipstick
14. Send a care package or encouragement to a college student
15. Donate pet food or towels to an animal shelter
16. Donate books to a school teacher for her classroom
17. Take a bubble bath
18. Pray for foreign missionaries
19. Park as far away as possible (get extra steps but be careful)
20. No social media after dinner
21. Enjoy 30 minutes of meditation
22. Plan a girl's night out
23. Try a new recipe
24. Put fresh flowers in your home
25. Eat vegetarian for a day
26. Stretch 30 minutes
27. Read instead of watching TV one evening
28. Schedule some "you time" do whatever you enjoy (Browse a store, see a movie, craft something)
29. Drink more water
30. Have a no sugar day
31. Eat dinner at the table (go wild and use a cloth napkin)
32. Do something to encourage a kid in your neighborhood or Church
33. Send a gift card to a young mom who could use the night off from cooking
34. Shop a yard sale of thrift store
35. Plant a flowering plant by your front door
36. Close your seldom used credit cards
37. Video document a room in your house (for insurance purposes)
38. Change out framed photos for more recent ones
39. Enjoy a family game night
40. Pass along a good book to someone
41. Say please and thank you
42. Schedule any medical appointments you have been putting off (dentist, mammogram, dermatologist, eye)
43. Organize your purse of wallet (goodbye 2015 Target receipts)
44. Memorize a new scripture
45. Get your pet a special treat
46. Sit somewhere new in church (you might meet some new people)
47. Schedule a date night
48. At the end of the day write down 3 things you did well
49. Pray for our country
50. Download photos from your phone to a storage site
51. Replace your running/walking shoes
52. Clean out an overstuffed dresser drawer
53. Get a new candle
54. Try something you have pinned on Pinterest
55. Get rid of old spices in your cabinet
56. Have a manicure or pedicure
57. Get a new plant for your office
58. File those papers you have stacked up to file
59. Make a note of 3 things you are grateful for
60. Donate a movie gift card to a family who may not be able to afford the outing otherwise
61. Discard make-up and skin care products that are expired or never used
62. Read your favorite Psalm

Here is the calendar I kept last year with all the things I focused on.  I have erased it cleaned and look forward to once again being very intentional about Every Day in May!!!

We won't start until next you have a whole week to think about what 31 things you want to check off your intentional list!!!

Wednesday is the final Favorite product of the month.  See you then!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Charity Sale- Round 3

I made a special trip to Belk this week to scope out some more goodies for us.  I'm here for you.  It's the kind of sacrifice I am willing to make.Well today let's cover Handbags, accessories and make up.

Listen, I highly encourage shopping for yourself but don't forget to shop for those presents too.

There are some cute handbag options.  The girl working in handbags tells me they will all be 25% off with the only exclusion being Michael Kors.  Let's hope she's right.

First up, this cute Fossil bag.  I think it says "summer". It is a chambray and leather mix.
Fossil® Kinley Medium Crossbody
Next, the Jessica Simpson Martine Hobo.  This comes in a Navy/Coral combo or a Black/Lime.
Jessica Simpson Martine Hobo
This is the Kensie Hobo and is a good simple all purpose bag.

Kensie Jakarta Hobo Shoulder Bag

This Steve Madden bag has an embroidered strap giving it the look of the guitar straps that are so popular right now.
Steve Madden Guitar Strap Saddle Bag
The lady in the watch section said these would be 25% off too.
This is the Kate Spade Scallop Watch.  On-line it only shows the silver but they had gold and silver in the store.
kate spade new york® Gramercy Scallop Stainless Steel Three Hand Watch

And if you prefer a leather band, there is this option.
kate spade new york® 5 O'Clock Metro Watch
And a little less pricey but love the color of the band for the summer is this Fossil option.

Fossil® Women's Original Boyfriend Three-Hand Leather Watch
Don't forget your charity ticket will also get you that unusual discount on cosmetics and fragrances.

There are tons of rollerball options and those are great for birthdays, teacher gifts, stocking stuffers.  I won't put pictures here but this link will take you to several options. And then it is indeed a great time to restock your own favorite make up.

Stack your coupons if you can and get that extra 20% the charity sale prices.

I have to get serious now and make my list of what we are actually going to buy.
See you at Belk!

Join me here Monday for a challenge I hope you will join me in for May!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Favorite Product Series - Magic Pants

Welcome to the 3rd edition of my favorite products.  If you are just tuning in, favorite product #1 was Elfa door storage and favorite product #2 was gift wrap and a paper cutter.

Now for this week's feature - My magic pants also known as my favorite pants.  I call them magic because when I wear them people always comment about me looking thin.....oh you silly's just my magic pants.  Look I don't know what it is about these but I even feel thinner in them.

Let me just say - thank you, Isaac Mizrahi, for making these pants.

They come in an ankle length and it comes in petite, regular and tall. I am 5'4 which is borderline petite.  So I cheat and buy the regular ankle length and since it is meant to be ankle length on long legged girls, they fit me like a regular pant. So you will need to decide where you want them to fall on you.

I own 2 black pairs, 1 white pair, 1 navy pair, 1 khaki pair and 1 grey pair......see I told you I like them.

They wash great.  I don't dry any of my pants because my hips are allergic to pants that have been in the dryer.

I buy my normal size so I think they are true to size.

Here are the pants

Isaac Mizrahi Live! Regular 24/7 Stretch Ankle Pants - A261051
They are from QVC and they come in white, black, lemonade, camel, paprika, passion fruit, grey, navy, french blue and turquoise.  Again, if you don't want ankle pants just search on QVC for the Isaac Mizrahi 24/7 pant and all the options will come up.

Talk to you on Friday!

Monday, April 17, 2017


I hope you had a wonderful Easter and good times with  your loved ones!

But here is Monday again and so soon. Hopefully, you have a good week ahead.

I talk a lot about shopping on here.  And I link to several things you can buy on line.  But please, please, please tell me you are using Ebates when you shop on line.  Here is why....

1) It is Free!
2) It is Easy!
3) YOU get money back!
4) It is Free!.....felt that was worth repeating.

All you do is create yourself a little Ebates account - basic information like name, address and create a user name and password.

Then you simply log on to Ebates, select the store from which you will shop, click the link and shop like normal.  Ebates will put a percentage of what you buy into your Ebates account and periodically send you a check.

Here is what I have earned so far

I had heard about this for the longest and just knew there was a catch so I delayed signing up.....I shudder to think of all the money I missed out on.

But I'm in now and it is paying off.

Most stores are 1% or 2% back but sometimes they run specials where you can get 6% back.

All stores are not on Ebates but a ton of stores are and it is always worth a try. I find most stores I am shopping from participate.

If you want to set up an account, you can click here.  This is my referral link.

Girls, get on'll be getting checks in the mail soon.  And let's face's like free money that you totally don't have to feel guilty about spending.

Ebates has just started letting you use their service in actual stores.  You register a credit card on line and when you use that credit card in the store you'll get cash back.  So if you are using a credit card that you already get cash back you will essentially be doubling up.  You still get the cash back thru your credit card but you will also get it thru ebates!  Right now there are 36 participating stores including Bed Bath and Beyond, Charming Charlie, Clarks, Ann Taylor and Gap.

Do not delay, start getting paid to shop!

Back on Wednesday with the 3rd installment of favorite products.  See you then!