Friday, May 26, 2017


Aren't the retailers just the sweetest things to have such good sales on our long weekends.  I mean they are a thoughtful bunch and I really appreciate them.

Here's a few good ones to check out of you need to pick up a few things:

Gap has 40% off your purchase...... where you can pick up this for yourself

and this for him

                                                                    Poplin shirt

Nordstrom also has their half-yearly sale going on.  You can see all the sales here.  Just use the categories on the left of the screen to navigate to your areas of interest.

Like to shoes.....
Main Image - Caslon® Carden 2 Sandal (Women)
This shoe comes in four colors and is under $40.

Or to handbags where you will find this

Main Image - Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote
reversible tote for under $30

Or to clothing for some great new tops like this
Main Image - Pleione Ruffle Sleeve Blouse (Regular & Petite)
Pleione Ruffle Top under $36

Other sales:
Ballard Designs has 20% off

Loft has 40% off

Banana Republic has 40% off your purchase

J.Jill has an extra 30% off sale

Chicos has extra 40% off sale

Anthropologie is having an additional 40% off sale merchandise.

In other good news.....if you are local to Huntsville the new Southern Living Store will open at Bridgestreet on this Saturday.

And in super duper news IKEA is coming to Nashville!!!!! Which I am afraid is as local as they are going to get for I say we count it as a WIN!!!!!!

And as if the news couldn't get any better
I saw the commercial yesterday and I got goose bumps.  I love caramel. I love M&Ms.  And Blue is my favorite color so I felt like this could only be a good thing.
I was right! While being an adult and buying antacids at the pharmacy, I just happen to pass by a whole display of these so I picked some up......#blogresearch.  They are good.  It was kind of like a crunchy Rolo....that is probably not the best description but I do think they are good.

Be safe and enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Though the Generations Series - Installment 3 The Forties

Today we continue our series hearing from women of all decades answering the same set of questions.

If you have missed any, please go back and check them out

The Twenties - Erika
The Thirties - Lindsay Jenson

And now our Forties representative: Kelly Mize

Kelly Wilson Mize is a wife, mother, educator and freelance writer. She has written hundreds of devotions, numerous articles, contributed to children’s discipleship curriculum, and conducted interviews with several well-known Christian personalities. One of the highlights of her writing career was an interview with Max Lucado in 2016. Kelly’s work has also appeared in seven books. Published credits include LifeWay Christian Resources, Focus on the Family, Group Publishing, Adams Media, BroadStreet Publishing, and Bethany House Publishers (upcoming).

Kelly has been married to her husband, Wade, for 24 years. The couple has two children, Grant (18) and Claire (16). They are members of Southside Baptist Church in Huntsville. Kelly has a master’s degree in elementary education, and currently works as a librarian at Westminster Christian Academy’s lower school.

Here is Kelly in her own words:

Who has been a big influence in your life?

I grew up with four excellent examples: my parents, my grandmother, and my older brother. My paternal grandmother was the only grandparent I ever knew, and she lived either with us or next door for most of my unmarried life. My brother is fourteen years older than me, so he was almost like a parent to me too! My heritage of faith means the world to me. On a daily basis growing up, I saw what it meant to live a life dedicated to serving God. There is not enough space on any page for me to explain the extent of the Godly influence in my life.

If you could invite any three people to dinner who would they be and why?

The correct answer here is Jesus, right? I would, of course, love to have a face-to-face conversation with Him! Next, I’d like to see my brother, Paul. He died at the age of 3, before I was born. I’d also probably invite my best friend from elementary school.

When you meet someone for the first time, what do you hope they will think of you?

I always hope to be relatable. It’s so fulfilling to establish a new relationship with someone who shares common interests, personality traits, history, anything. I would always like someone to say after meeting me, “She is real–someone I can relate to.”

What is your biggest challenge right now?

I struggle to be content. I have a wonderful life, and I am truly grateful for all that I’ve been given. But I can also be a grumbler. I strive to be like Paul, who writes in Philippians 4:11 (from prison, no less!),I have have learned how to be content with whatever I have.” But I’m definitely not there yet. It’s a weakness that I pray about every day.

What is the one thing (besides your phone) that you usually take with you when you leave home?

A jacket or a sweater, and my purse, of course (though it gets in my way and I absolutely love it when I find a way not to have to carry one!)

What is one of the best books you’ve ever read?

It’s always hard for me to choose favorite books. If I don’t like a book, I don’t finish it and have no guilt. So, I pretty much like every book I’ve ever read! Favorites? Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell), A Perfect Day (Richard Paul Evans), The Shack (William P. Young), The Hiding Place (Corrie ten Boom), The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald–I think he’s such a good storyteller, but I hated the ending), and Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) among many others. I apologize for not being able to limit it to one, or even five!

What has been the key to success in maintaining lasting girlfriend relationships?

It takes dedicated effort, and I’m honestly not always the best at that. At least one person in the friendship has to be ‘that person’–the one who makes the friendship a priority and takes the time to make things happen. I’m definitely not always the best at planning or staying in touch, but I hope my favorite people from every season of life know that they are important to me.

What advice do you wish you could give to the women who are younger than you?

Be kind and forgive easily. Don’t settle. Pray about every decision you make, big and small. It’s hard, but don’t compare yourself to other women. You are not perfect (no one is!), but your own unique characteristics and history make you beautiful. You are good enough, strong enough, and capable enough–but only through the power and grace of a loving God. You represent Him (and your family) in all you do.

Well Kelly is definitely someone I can relate to. She has been a teacher and/or librarian at the school my girs attend since we have been there. Fortunately, our 16 year old daughters are great friends and cheer together so I get to hang out with Kelly often. I always enjoy conversations with her and admire how she represents God and her family well. I also may adopt her policy of not finishing a book I don't like with no guilt. I have never been able to do that. Thank you, Kelly, for joining us here. Please come back and share with us anytime you would like.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Welome to Monday

Oh, Monday, you have to be the speediest of days.  I mean you come faster than any other day of the week.  I had a fun, eventful weekend....... a high school graduation, a beautiful wedding and I met up with a new friend and got to spend a couple of hours learning about her and chatting.  And best of all our summer officially begins because both of my girls are officially done with their school years!!!  But I did also do a few intentional things this week.  Here is what I managed to get done.

I hope you are making some progress.  Only another week and a half.  Don't worry if you didn't hit every day, I think you can still maximize what's left and call it a success

Today I wanted to share the new recipe I tried.  It was actually one of my emeals recipes but I changed it up a bit.  If you missed the post on emeals, you can read it here.  Their recipe called for shrimp cooked in cumin.  Well only half of us like shrimp so I knew we would need a little change.  When I read the recipe it had the feeling of something you would get at Moe's Southwestern or i took it that route.  The key to the recipe was this guy.

Birds Eye Protein Blend Southwest Style.  I found it at Kroger in the freezer section.

A delicious blend of whole grains, black beans, corn, lentils, red bell peppers, and sauce. Perfectly cooks in the bag!

So I took 3 large, boneless, skinless chicken breast and cut them into 2 inch pieces.  I then sprinkled them generously with a package of taco seasoning.  I heated olive oil in a skillet and cooked the chicken breast until done.

Then I microwaved the Birds Eye packages according to the directions.  It took 3 packages for our family of 6.

I then spooned the Birds Eye protein blend into 6 bowls and topped with the cooked chicken.  Each person then topped their bowl to their pleasing with Mexican cheese, sour cream, and salsa..  I am sure you could make them more elaborate by adding diced avocado or green onions.

These bowls were absolutely much so that I didn't snap a picture.

Chips and salsa would also make a great side with this.

Short simple, quick recipe that turned out might want to give it a try.

Summary of all  you need to put this together:
3 chicken breasts
3 bags of Birds Eye Southwest Style Protein Blend
Taco Seasoning
Mexican Cheese
Sour Cream
Any other desired toppings
Chips on the side if desired

Have a great week girls, don't forget we are back on Wednesday with the 40's representative in our Through the generations series.

Oh and  in the mean time check out LOFT.  They are having 40% off regular price and 50% off sale with FREE SHIPPING no minimum.  Sale ends Tuesday so don't delay!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Wedding Season

So we are entering the season of weddings.  Do you have one or two to attend this summer?  If not maybe you can crash one ;).  I mean the cake alone is worth it right?

Here are a couple of great dresses that would be fun for an upcoming wedding

Main Image - Dorothy Perkins Lace Sheath Dress
This is a stretch lace dress that comes in coral.

Main Image - ECI Print Notch Neck Sheath Dress
Isn't this a gorgeous floral dress
Main Image - City Chic Leopard Drawstring Waist Maxi Dress (Plus Size)

And this is a cute pink leopard maxi.

And if you are shopping off the registry or just looking for something to add to a gift card.
Personalized soaps from Pottery Barn.

Or this Pioneer Woman Salad set

Or this cute salt and pepper cellar
Slide View: 1: Jacinda Napkin Set

Anthropology has the prettiest cloth napkins.

Have a great weekend, girls.  If you don't need any of these for a wedding, treat yourself!

Here are a few sales for the weekend:
Kate Spade up to 75% off Ends Friday

J.Jill has 30% off of select styles

Loft has already kicked off their Memorial Day sale.

Belk is offering 25% off regular and sale.

If you are a big make-up person Sephora now let's you pay $10 and get free 2-day shipping for a year.