Friday, March 24, 2017

12 South.....Nashville

Over spring break we had a chance to visit an area in Nashville, TN called 12 South.  This area is several shops and restaurants all on 12th Avenue.  You park once, get out and walk from shop to shop, pause and eat along the way.  Now let me just say we found this to be a shopping venture more about quality rather than quantity.  We have made shopping runs where we thought we might have to strap a kid to the top of the car to get everything home.  The prices in most of these shops did not lend themselves to me filling up the cargo space of my car.  But it is always fun to look and every other shop or so had affordable items.

You can click on this 12 South link and see all the available shopping opportunities.  But here are our favorites.

First up, Serendipity - This store has food items, clothes, shoes, jewelry, candles and a little bit of everything.  They had several items that were locally made and very unique.  We bought the most number of items from here.  Three pair of shoes, a top, a ring, and a candle all went home with us.  The sales people were very nice and we look forward to shopping here again.  They are available online but they have a small fraction of there merchandise listed there.

Another favorite was Whites mercantile.  They were sort of an old fashioned kind of store with wood floors and shelving.  They had house stuff, books, soaps, clothes, candy and lots more.  I won't tell you what I bought here because someone reading this blog may be getting it for Christmas.  But this one was definitely a favorite store.  One of those stores that you look up and you have been looking around for 30 minutes easy.

If you are familiar with Sprinkles cupcakes they have a store there.  But the fun thing is they have the cupcake ATM.  Yep, it's a little machine that you make your selection and out pops your cupcake.  Cute and delicious.....two things we appreciate.

We had lunch at Burger Up.  We didn't eat until around 1:30 and they were still packed.  Get your name on the list and hit a few of the close by shops while you wait.  We started with fried pickles and onion rings.

I had a black and blue burger with regular fries.

We also a had a couple of classic burgers with sweet potato fries, a bacon cheeseburger and one turkey burger.  All plates were clean.  All tummies were satisfied.  I am not sure that we wouldn't go to this area just to eat again.  It was quite good.  And reasonable - $10 for a burger and fries.

Our final stop was Draper James.  This is Reese Witherspoon's store.  It is super southern.  As soon as you hit the door they welcome you and ask if you would like some sweet tea. Say what?  Yep they have a decanter of sweet tea and they give you a cute little blue and white paper straw. I am not a tea drinker but those who had some loved it and I loved the idea.

Here we got a super cute little striped shirt and an adorable little camel swing jacket.  In this store we  found ourselves start using the words "investment piece" because those are the kind of coping skills we have.  We would totally shop here again.

These beautiful blue doors welcome you in.

It is so cute and they have such great investment pieces (wink, wink).

We had an overcast, drizzly day and still managed to really enjoy the area and the shopping.  It's a dream location for a girl trip.

Our sleep number mattress is being delivered today.  We are very excited as we are way overdue for a new mattress.  Looking forward to some good sleep this weekend.  I will report back on how we like it.

Talk to you on Monday.  Hope you have a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

All about YOU!!!!

I want this to be a place for all of us, so today I am pausing from pushing my thoughts to you and anxiously awaiting to hear from you.

Any topics you want to see covered here?

Any trouble spots in your home that you could use help with?

Wondering how others handle this or that?

How about products you are wondering about?

Restaurants? Stores? Online shopping sites?

Anything at all....what do you want to us to talk about here?

Leave a comment or send me an email.  I'll answer what I can or try to find someone who can shed some light on your subject for us all.

And meet me back here on Friday, I will be doing a report on a little shopping trip we took over spring break.

See you then!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring and Christmas Prep

We are less than 9 months away from Christmas this year.  It is time, dear friends, to start planning and preparing.  I mean just think about gradually getting done and having more time to actually savor the holiday when it comes.

Yes, I fully embrace the sentiment above.  I am here for you!!!

Don't worry we are going to start slowly.  These books from May Designs are my go to organizer for all the gift buying I have to do.  I make a list of every gift I am going to buy.  Yes. Every. Gift.  I start with Christmas and list every family member, friend, co-worker, service provider, and neighbor.  I even make a couple of pages for my kids - one for stocking stuffers, one for Santa, etc.

I also take a couple of pages to list the other occasions I will buy for - Valentines, Mothers/Fathers Day, graduation and birthdays.

Periodically I will post gift ideas here, but any of the retail items posted can be considered as great gift ideas.  Maybe they aren't things you are interested in for yourself but maybe someone on your list could use them.

Here's where your little gift planner comes in handy.  You can shop all year and keep up with what you buy and what you need to buy.  This little book helps me for two reasons 1) it helps me stay focused as I shop through the year and 2) it helps me not overbuy (I don't fully understand this concept but I've heard people mention it and wouldn't want it to happen to me).

So I will shop all year and when I run across something unusual, fun or cute I literally flip through my book and figure out who I can buy it for.  Plus occasionally people will mention something they want or wish they had and I jot that down too (but in pencil - only purchases get written in ink).

And you know how you always have some people you are going to buy a gift card for? Well often Kroger has 4x the fuel points on gift cards.  I usually buy at least a couple a month, rack up some fuel points and knock some gifts off the list.  Plus it feels much better to spend a little as I go thru the year than a fortune in November or December.

You could use any book - but I made these on on May Designs and I love them.  The one on the left is my Gift planner (my daughter's designed this one for me).  I use the one in the center to take notes at my Bible Study. The one on the right is a calendar for 2017 where I plan and record family obligations and events.

You can choose the cover, the wording, whether you want a calendar, lined pages and all sorts of other things.  All of mine are the 5x8 size.  I find that size is purse friendly.

Go ahead make yourself a little gift buying book and let's get started on Christmas 2017.  In about 9'll be really glad you did!  Trust me.

Oh and by the way, Happy First Day of Spring!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Going Green

It's St. Patrick's Day and you know what that's the day we buy green (wear green, buy green, so close to the same thing)

So here's some lovely green to add to your collection.

This Kendra Scott necklace.

Main Image - Kendra Scott 'Rayne' Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace

Green is a good color to mix with animal print.  Imagine this with a white tee, jeans and leopard flats.  Yes, if you think you can't wear green this is a good way to incorporate it.

Now if you can rock green.....

This is a cute top

as is this one 

or a simple cardigan

Primary Image of 3/4 Sleeve Ann Cardigan

or a little green for the home, this teapot

Old Dutch International, Ltd. Moss Green Unity Cast Iron Fidelity Teapot
or this tea kettle
Circulon 2-qt. Morning Bird Teakettle  Online Only
or a succulent
10-oz Mixed Cacti (AL001)
These are all the rage and super easy to keep alive.

or an avocado keeper
Product Details
If you know someone who loves avocado, you should mark this one down as a potential stocking stuffer.

And finally,

Publix makes a delish key lime pie and we will be having one tonight.  

Enjoy your weekend.  Talk to you on Monday.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


yeah, after a hard, long day, it's what always jolts me: Grace isn’t a mere Pollyanna feeling. It’s a *force* -- powerful force. As startling as the power of electricity. Grace always shocks. Grace always stuns. And Grace is always what we need. It’s there for everyone groping around in the dark:  *Turn toward Grace --  & you always turn on all the lights.*:

Grace is one of my favorite words.  There are many good definitions of grace.
 - unmerited favor
- not getting what I deserve
- covering rather than convicting
- loving in spite of

I receive a lot of grace.  I am sure of this.  I know I clumsily speak and act on a daily basis.  I know that many people in a day shake their heads and smile as I blunder and fumble.

But I want to give more grace and to give it out of habit, naturally, easily, as a first response.

I want to put aside my need to have the last word.

I want to be OK with not being right.

I want to be kinder in the car and not so intolerant of the idiots drivers on the roads. (See why I need improvement here?)

In the grand scheme of things, some of this stuff that raises my blood pressure really should not.

Maybe I could store all the grace I receive into my "virtual grace bucket".  I could then pull from my supply when I need to extend it to others.

I would always have more supply than demand - The grace God affords me each day is way more than  I would need to extend to others.

Here's wishing you much grace - to receive and extend.
John 1:16  "For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace."

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Pi Day....grab yourself a deal

Due to me losing an hour of my day, we have a short post today.

Remember Tuesday 3/14 is National Pi Day and some companies are offering some deals.

Stevi B's Pizza Buffet is offering their all you can eat buffet for only $3.14 with code 4051

Pieology is offering pizzas for $3.14 but I think you have to download their app.

Enjoy a FREE Boston Market Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie with the purchase of any individual meal & drink with coupon on Tuesday, March 14! Get the coupon here:

Whole Foods is offering you to save $3.14 on all large bakery pies and on all large take and bake pizzas. 

I am sure there are other offers out there.  Check all your pizza places and anyone who sells pie and see if they are running a good deal.

Enjoy your week......

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Taking a slow leisurely stroll....forward

Springing Forward - Boo! Bah humbug! I'll pass! Negative! No thank you!!!!!

This is my least favorite weekend of the year.  I do not spring forward very well. I am not a fan.
I need sunlight in the mornings to get up.  I need this hour that  mysteriously disappears while I am in bed.  It's just odd.  I will not be springing forward.  I will slowly adjust.  Ten days in and I will be caught up with the rest of you.  I make no apologies for this.  I absolutely dread it.

So luckily I found these at Target today.  I am an M&M fan.  I am a white chocolate fan.  And yes, I am a vanilla cupcake thank you Mars Company for making these

As I try to deal with this new time thing, at least I will have Vanilla Cupcake M&Ms to help me through.

Fortunately, next week is our spring break, so at least I won't have to have any conversations about homework as I work through this transition.

Do you get the urge to clean and organize as spring approaches?  I totally do and that is what is on my agenda for the next week.  Some people go to the beach, we purge closets.  It takes all kinds, right?

But we will also try to squeeze in a couple of fun things too.  Who knows maybe we can replace some of the items we donate with some fun new spring things.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love a white t-shirt.  And I get a couple of new ones every spring.  I mean you just have to restock on fresh white t-shirts.  I am liking this one from JJill.
perfect pima V-neck elbow-sleeve tee
It is only $39 plus 25% off with code 25MAR17.  If white is not your thing, this comes in 6 other colors. It gives good coverage without being too oversized.

This shoe from DSW is super cute and has good reviews.

It comes in blush, taupe, black, tan and blue and is only $49.95.  I feel like it would be very acceptable to purchase this shoe in more than one color.  It would be a cute shoe for dresses or pants. And great for Easter.

This is a cute little swing dress for only $59.

Main Image - Halogen® A-Line Shift Dress (Regular & Petite)
which also looks cute with a jacket if you don't do sleeveless.
Main Image - Halogen® A-Line Shift Dress (Regular & Petite)
There are 5 color choices and it comes in petite and regular sizes.

These other sweet retailers feel my pain and offer some soothing discounts:

Williams Sonoma is having a 75% off spring clearance sale.
The Loft is having 40% off regular and sale merchandise
Banana Republic has 50% off 5 items
Belk is having 20% regular and sale items 15% off shoes
Kohl's has $10 off $25 purchase with code LUCKY

Don't forget you only have a few more days to redeem your yellow receipt at Chick Fil A if you received one on Groundhog Day.

Have a great weekend!  I will be doing the best I can.