Friday, April 20, 2018

Fun Finds in perhaps an unlikely place

You can say a lot of things about me but you cannot say that I am a shopping snob.....nope I will pretty much shop almost anywhere.  I can enjoy any retail establishment.....what can I say....I am just adaptable.  So today I want to share with you some new finds from the grocery store.

I know.  Most people are in and out, get what they need and head to the checkout as soon as possible.  Not me.  I enjoy a good browse session through the grocery store.  There's a lot of product in there.  Sometimes you just have to slow down and check it out.

Here a few things I have recently enjoyed finding in the Kroger grocery aisles.......

Sweet and salty is a favorite in my house.  We were already Cheez-it fans but now they have thrown in some caramel popcorn.  Why, yes, thank you very much I will indeed have a little more.

Who among us has not needed an individual cake to snack on while watching our favorite TV show?  These little mug treats are too cute.  Chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, brownies, many flavors.  They come four packs in each box.  You fix them in a mug in the microwave and all you have to add is water.  I think this is perfect because you don't have a whole cake sitting there that you feel like you have to eat......just the single serving......Winner!

You know how they serve the unlimited basket of fries at Red Robin and you ask for more and they literally bring out 6 fries in a basket.......well now you can go home and make a whole package and enjoy them a your leisure.

And remember my favorite popsicles the Outshine bars.....well now they are making a non-dairy ice cream.  They have two kinds.  One is made with yogurt and one is made with a banana base.  I am not a huge yogurt fan so I went with the banana base in the Sunrise Blend flavor.  Tasty and satisfies that little sweet craving with fewer calories.  I will be going back for more.  

This is not a food item but a good find all the same.  Secret is making this little purse size deodorant.  If you are familiar with the round eos lip balms, they are about the size of those.  You know how on mammogram day you can't put on deodorant until after the appointment.....well here you go -  a little deodorant for your purse.  Also good for gym bags, backpacks, etc.

Road Trip Bingo!!!!  You know what is better than a road trip.....a road trip with bingo!  Now this one is at Target in the Dollar Spot Section. But how fun would this be especially if there happened to be a little tote bag of prizes to hand out.

One last thing before I go - 

Kroger is currently running 4 times the fuel points on Gift Cards.  Make sure you download the digital coupon to your Kroger card and stock up.  Remember we are working on our Christmas lists plus Mother's Day and Graduations are next month.

Wishing you a great weekend.....with some browsing time in one of your favorite stores.

Talk to you on Monday!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Flower Truck!

Honestly, is this not the cutest thing?

Photo by: Bookout Studios

1818 Farms has started a Flower Truck

If you want to read the whole story check out the 1818 Farms Blog here.

But here is the summary - the above cute little flower truck will be making weekly appearances at various places around the area.

Here is the schedule:

Athens, Alabama – UG White – 101 North Jefferson Street
  • Thursday – 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Decatur, Alabama – The Cupboard and Tammy Eddy Antiques – 504 Bank Street
  • Thursday from 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Huntsville, Alabama – Terrame’ Salon and Dry Bar – 3613 S. Memorial Parkway
  • Friday – 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Huntsville, Alabama – Sweet Pineapple – 964 Airport Road, Suite 1
  • Friday- 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Huntsville, Alabama – UG White – 115 Clinton Ave East
  • Saturday – 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

It will be fun to pop by the flower truck and pick up a little something.......maybe a little something for your friend you are reuniting with this month.  As a reminder, don't forget the Great Things in '18 challenge and your opportunity to reunite with an old friend.

Talk to you on Friday......maybe I will see you at the flower truck!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Tax Day in a Different Way

I know a lot of people are not looking forward to tax day, but hey it is what it is and we may as well make the best of it.  So I wanted to think of things that started with T and A and X to share with you today but X is hard and I just couldn't, so I thought I would share with you things that start with I and R and S instead because it would be nice to have some pleasant thoughts when we think of IRS, right?

Ok, so first up things that start with I -

First something in the Intimate Apparel area

Main Image - Natori Bliss 3-Pack Cotton Briefs
Natori Bliss Cotton Briefs

I feel like these are made for grown ups - enough said.  They are comfortable, wash great and go smoothly under skirts and such.  I used to shop at a popular store we all know and love - but the last time I went in there the clerk treated me like I was out of my element, so I kind of broke up with them.  So now I order these and I am very happy with them. #middleageladiesrule

Initial Mugs
Main Image - Anthropologie Petal Palette Monogram Mug
Anthropolgie Initial Mug

I love a good mug and no one does them like Anthropologie, but I order them from Nordstrom because of the free shipping - plus they are the same price both places.

Lastly, Ice cream

Image result for magnum ice cream pint
Magnum Ice Cream Pints

What is better than a pint of ice cream with an extra layer of chocolate that you have to squeeze to break the chocolate to get to the ice cream!!!!

Ok, so now onto R

First up something I have in my stack to Read
The Masterpiece
The Masterpiece

You know how you love an author so much you put off reading their new book because you already don't want it to be this is in my stack to read and I am looking forward to it, but I need the anticipation to last a little longer.

Now here is a 2 pointer Reversible Rain Poncho

Rain Poncho

There are about 24 color options on this one so you are sure to find one that appeals to you.

And our last R - Ruffle Hem Dress
Women's Short Sleeve Ruffle Hem Tee Shirt Dress
Lands End Ruffle Hem Dress

This little tee shirt dress comes in regular and petite sizes, this stripe, solids and other prints.

And now for some fun S products -

First a Swimsuit Cover-up

Main Image - Becca Breezy Basics Cover-Up Dress
Becca Breezy Cover-up

I was going to show you a swimsuit but you know I like to keep it real and this is how I beach.....always in the cover-up.  And I think this one is cute.  Three color options here.

Next up some cute Sleepwear

Women's Pajama Set Total Comfort - Gilligan & O'Malley™ - image 1 of 2
Target 2-piece Set

Four color options in sizes XS - XXL and only $19.99.

Our last S has to be a great pair of sandals

Patrice Wedge Sandal
Franco Sarto Patrice

I couldn't resist this little black and white sandal.  It is slightly heavy so I won't be wearing these on a marathon shopping trip, but they will definitely be good for work.

So there you are, ladies, a different spin on the IRS......and if you are getting a refund maybe some of these things will be a fun little treat.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Fashion

I do hope you have had a great week.  A few sunny days snuck in there and they were wonderful!  I do this seasonal swap out in my closet and I have made the I am in it to win it!  Yep, I am wearing the summer tops (maybe with a sweater) and I am wearing my sandals (but still with the sweater).....Anyway, the point is I am committed to the spring clothes and shoes.....It's almost May.  It is time.  Who's going to join me?

One of the fun things about switching out clothes, packing up sweaters, unpacking the light and bright stuff is that I always forget about some of the things I have.  So it is a sweet surprise to be reunited with some of these fun pieces.

Here are a few things I found and may have purchased to add to the spring/summer closet

First up, this little peplum top.

Main Image - BP. Peplum Tee
It is on a great sale right now for $14.90. It comes in a Black, White, Pale Blue and this Red Chili.  I know you all are not going to believe this but I got the Red Chili.  But I may go back and grab the white too.

And I picked up this little maxi
Main Image - Knit Maxi Dress

It comes in six color options and is only $38.90.  At only 5'4" I will have to hem it but I feel like it is worth it.  So if you are taller, it might just be perfect for you.

And if you like a maxi with sleeves

This is only $49 and looks super cute.

I have this next little top in the 3/4 sleeve version and I love it. So I think this sleeveless version would also be fun to have.  I am showing it to you in this solid so you can see the asymmetrical cut.

Main Image - Halogen® Drop Ruffle Tank Top (Regular & Petite)

But I really like it in some of the prints like this one

Main Image - Halogen® Drop Ruffle Tank Top (Regular & Petite)

You know what else is hard for me to resist this time of year........cute little clutches like these

Main Image - Steve Madden Resort Embellished Clutch
Steve Madden Resort Clutch on sale for $45

Women's Tassel Clutch - A New Day™ - image 1 of 2

A New Day Clutch $14.99

But if you need larger bag, check out this straw tote that has the unique feature of zipping across the top.

Two color options in this one.

Now finally, this weekend is the BIG Target Hunter collection roll out.  So here is the deal.  Target and I almost broke up last weekend when they only put 7 items in the early access sale.....but I am a girl of second chances so hopefully they can make it up to me.  Last weekend the early access rolled out at 3:00am CST.  So, yes, I am setting an alarm.  I am just going to get up and check if they items are available.  And I may purchase a few things if so.  I will also probably be at the store at 8:00 when they open.....just in case my on line shopping is not a complete success.  Maybe I will see you there.

Have a wonderful weekend, girls.  Talk to you on Monday!!!