Monday, January 27, 2020

Taking Inventory and a Winner

First things first....let's announce the winner of the
Sacred Holidays by Becky Kiser

Thank you all for entering.  It is always nice to know who's out there checking in with me here on the blog.  There are two winners and they are.....

D. Boaz and L. Townsend

Congratulations, ladies.  I will message you and get your book to you.  

Now if you didn't win, just click the link above if you'd like to pick up your own copy.

Now on to today's post........

Have you ever worked retail?  January in retail means inventory time.  If you ever had to work it, you are probably sighing and rolling your eyes with the memory of it.  My first retail job was at Parisian and  in those first years we literally counted every single item by hand and wrote the numbers on a sheet of paper.  I worked there long enough that they finally got handheld scanners and we could scan the tickets and electronically take inventory.  Before I left they had handed the whole inventory process over to a private company and they came in overnight and scanned the whole store.

But January is also a good time to take inventory in our own lives.  Here's a few categories that may be good to inventory

1) Your obligations.  Take a look at what all you have committed to doing and see if it is not enough, too much or just right.

2) Your time budget.  Maybe track one day and see how much time you spend on social media, looking for things, cleaning, watching tv, reading, emails.....etc.  Then decide if you are using your time in the best way. I am just going to say someone very close to me complained about how she spent so much time looking for things.  So she devised a better way of putting things away, always putting things in the same place and elimination of unneccessary clutter.  The result was a good portion of her day back to her....WIN!!!

3) People.  Come on you know it as well as I ...... some people are just not good for us.  Inventory the people you are investing your time in and see if is the right group.

4) Stuff.  Do you have about 20 more pairs of socks than you actually need in your sock drawer?  Oh wait, I started talking to myself for a second there.  But this is a good time to see if you need to purge your make-up products, clothing, shoes, jewelry, know your vice go ahead and inventory it.

5) Pantry and Freezer.  If you can't even see what you have in there, you are probably over buying.  Take a good inventory and get rid of any questionable or expired items so you can make good use of the remaining food.

6) Pens and Pencils.....don't act like you don't have this drawer.  I am pretty sure if inkpens or pencils ever became currency I would be multi-trillionaire.    But at least I can record all these inventories I am taking.

I am pretty sure I just wrote a whole blog post to myself.  You guys are probably already in good shape.  Well in that case, thanks for being here and supporting me as I inventory my life.

I hope you have a great week and I will see you back here on Wednesday!

Friday, January 24, 2020 do you celebrate?

Ok, you all know that I love most holidays (sorry, Halloween).  I pretty much enjoy any reason to celebrate and if it has a theme - I am even more in.  I buy mint ice cream for St. Patricks Day.  I am all about the tacos on Cinco de Mayo.  I embrace the Super Bown even though I am not a football fan and I have no idea who the players are.  What can I say....I just enjoy enjoying.

So I bought this book last year

Sacred Holidays

I have been reading through it and it is just an easy read and reminder of how to keep Christ as our focus.

It doesn't cover all the holidays but it does talk about New Year's, Valentine's Day, Lent and Easter, Summer, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas and Birthdays.  

For instance, for Valentine's Day the book leads you through some simple ideas including sending your friends Valentines through the mail and random acts of kindness plus about 5-6 more ideas.  Well I like all these ideas so I can totally get behind this book. 

And the summer section is really good.  I don't know what happens in the summer.  I get out of my normal routine, I get a little more relaxed.....maybe even a tad lazy.  So I like a little guide about some productive and focused things to make the most of those months. 

Maybe you'd be interested in having this book......well two of you are in luck!!!!

You all know how I roll, I very often buy things in threes.  Don't ask me why.  I have no explanation.  But in my true form I bought three copies of this book when I bought I have two copies to give away.  

Very simple to enter this giveaway
1) comment here on the blog "pick me".  (Remember your comment will not show up until I accept it.)
2) comment on Instagram "pick me"
3) comment on Facebook "pick me"

Go ahead and do all three for three entries.

I will randomly select two winners from all the entries at noon CST this Sunday (1/27/2020).

I will announce the winner here on Monday. And don't worry if you don't win, just click the link above to purchase your own copy.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Weekend Review

Hope you had a great weekend! Part of ours was rainy, part was windy and sunny, but all of it was longer than usual and that is the part I choose to focus on.  Since Saturday was super rainy and definitely an indoor day, I chose to make myself a nice little Valentine setting and work on getting a few things ready for Valentine's Day

Those powdered donuts and strawberry cream cheese cookies are fuel for me as I work.  By the way, those cookies are from the Publix bakery and they are delicious. The rose candles are just great ambiance and brightened a pretty gloomy day.

I got all kinds of chocolates and gummy candy and valentine cakes.  Those little jars with the red heart lids came from the Target Dollar Spot and I am filling them with candy for a couple of college care packages.

The two-pack of mugs also came from the Target dollar spot and I thought they'd be perfect for one of my favorite couples.

Each college student is getting a jar of chocolates, some heart shaped cakes and a gift card to a restaurant.

Then I put together a little gift bag for some girlfriends.

So now I have my care packages ready to mail,

My cards addressed and ready

And a few gifts ready to share

I still have a few things to still pull together, but we are well on our way.

Sunday afternoon was beautiful but still cold, my younger daughter and I took a trip to the Huntsville Museum of Art.  They are currently featuring

It is a great collection of historic African-American photos taken by famed photographer Jack Mitchell.  We used the cell phone tour feature and got quite a tour of the exhibit through our air pods.  We spent time going through the other exhibits while we were there.  If you get a chance, definitely swing by and check it out.

And then Monday morning we started the day off with the best pancakes in town at Shaggy's

Their pancakes are huge and we always split a platter.

And then we were off to drop off part of our hearts back at college......with just a few of her things

A full, lovely, long weekend.  Hope you are having a great week.  See you back on Friday!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Love over Hate

MLK quote
Photo from Pinterest Thistle and Farm

Let go of the burden of hate.

Lighten your load.

Let it go.

It truly is too great a burden a bear.

Sending you love!