Monday, November 20, 2017

Thankful for......

Do you spend time thinking about and replaying the past year this time of the year?  A lot happens in a year doesn't it?  Maybe this time last year you were working on fixing something in your life. Maybe you had just come through a valley and hit a period of good times.....or maybe you were doing a little of both.  Either way I hope you can reflect on the positives, the lessons learned in the hard times and the hope of what another year might bring.  It is extremely hard to make a list of things I am thankful for.  To be honest, there are just too many things and then I would hate to overlook anything......

But here are a few things that I am particularly thankful for this year

Peace - I don't mean the absence of problems and chaos.  I mean the ability to  hold it together despite circumstances.  The ability to get up and face each day trusting in the sovereignty of God and His equipping me to withstand.

Health - While I didn't have a major illness this year, I had several little things that cumulatively wore me down.  I asked many of you to pray.  I know that you did.  I am thankful for this complex body that heals and for my God who orchestrates it all.

Love - For some reason evil has not been satisfied in the background of our lives, but has wanted  to be front and center, a main character, prevalent.  But I am thankful that this has drawn people to speak love, pay compliments, give encouragement.  This year I did the Jesus Always devotional and this one line has really stuck with me....."When evil seems to prevail make every effort to accomplish something good." Aaahhh, nothing bursts the evil doers bubble faster than us continuing to live love.

My Village - All of us need people. Family, friends and others contribute to us being able to do our lives and to do them with ease.  Those who will step in for us.  Those who refuse to let us sit in denial, regret and self-loathing.  Those who fill in when we are double or triple booked. Those who know when we need a squeeze, some time alone or a pep talk.  Those who are kind enough to read this blog. These people make up my village and I am very grateful.

I could go on and on but I am only going to list one more

Laughter - I treasure a good laugh. Laughter to tears.....bring it on.  Usually laughter is born out of reflection on something in the past, a time of joy, a snippet of freely allowing our bodies to physically release emotion.  I mean when we laugh, it is like we are lighter, more free and connected. I marvel at little kids who you can just look at and they just burst into giggles.  They are uninhibited - what they feel they just let come out.  Tap back into that, ladies, laughter is within you but so much more fun when shared with others.

I hope you have a wonderful week of thankfulness.  May you and your village enjoy peace, love, health and laughter to the point of tears.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Light Stretching before Big Shopping

Ok, today we are just going to take a look a few things already available at good prices.  Because this time next week...... well people will be camping out for doorbusters, standing in long lines and buying things they don't want or need all in the name of Black Friday.  But not us.  No.  We are going to remain calm and consider the things we need to purchase.  Make a plan and work the plan, right?

So this weekend would be the perfect time to make out your list.  If you will just be starting your shopping, your list may be a little longer.  If you have started but just need a few other things, you should have a short list.  Either way, write it down......who you need to buy for and perhaps a few items you'd like for that person but most importantly how much you want to spend.

Secondly, let me encourage you to follow the blog on instagram and facebook.  While we are out, I will do my best to post things we find so you can grab them too if you like.  Remember the buttons are on the upper right hand of the blog page.

So in prep for the big day I ordered us these shirts

Womens Funny Black Friday Shopping Team Christmas TShirt Large Brown

All the Black Friday shirts I have seen were black so I figured there are going to be lots of people walking around in black t-shirts.  Well this one was brown so I thought it would be different and make it easier for us to find each other in the masses.   These started out in 5 color options but they are going quickly if you are interested.

Now here are a few items you might be interested in now

Scarlet and Gold has rolled out there holiday tees and they have some cute ones
Christmas Pine Olive | Unisex Tee

Oh Holy Night | Unisex Tee

You can see the whole collection here,

Gray Monroe is a cute little store that is starting their Black Friday sale early

So depending on what time you are reading this blog, there may be a code still available for you.
Emmy Poncho

Piper and Scoot has this Free People jacket $60 off.
Free People Double cloth jacket

Wal Mart has this cute little peacoat in  six colors
Faded Glory Women's Double-Breasted Faux Wool Peacoat With Hood

The Pioneer Woman Collection has this
The Pioneer Woman Garland 10-Inch Pie Pan
Pie Plate

Here are some other ongoing deals:

Anthropologie has 20% off tops and sweaters

Check out a sneak peek at Target's Black Friday deals

Kroger has all kinds of deals on Giftcards.....but you need to download the coupon.

J. Crew Factory is offering 50% off most everything with an additional 40% off on sale.

Chicos has early shopping at 40% off using  code 76120

Now let's get organized, make those list, enjoy the weekend.....I'll meet you back here on Monday.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A New Room.....

I don't know how you approach decorating but I pretty much just walk around Homegoods and Hobby Lobby, find stuff I like and then try to think of where I can use it.  This apparently is not how it is done.  My friend, Katy, who you might remember we talked about here is an Interior Designer.  I asked Katy to redo our guest room/gift wrap room.......So it is a guest room most of the time but when there is no guest, I go to town wrapping gifts in there.

Please pop over to Katy's page to see all the before and afters.

I cannot tell you how much we love it.  Katy really has an eye.   There was not one thing that she purchased that we returned.  I LOVED it all.   And guess what, guys......apparently when you stay focused and do one room at a time, things really come together.

She is super easy to work with, extremely affordable and very talented.  And do you know how good it felt for it to all come together and I didn't have to run all over town searching for stuff?  Well let me tell you, it felt great.

I can't pick a favorite thing in there.  I love all the individual elements and I love them even more as they all work together.

By the way, please forgive the before pictures.....I am not sure what I have been thinking for the past few years, but this room totally needed attention.

Katy works at all price points, you determine your budget....and from one shopper to another I must give her serious props for what she accomplished in there.

Check out the pictures and then contact her if you have a project she can help you with.

Come back on Friday and let's start getting loose for some Black Friday Shopping......don't worry we just going to ease into things.....we still have a whole week to get ready.