Friday, September 22, 2017

Gifts for the 12-days of Christmas + a few sale items

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Now for today's ideas.

If you have been around me a while you know I grew up receiving 12 days of Christmas Gifts.  My mom bought and wrapped 12 presents for both my brother and me.  These went under a special tree not the main tree.  Each day beginning on the 13th of December we got to open one gift each all the way through Christmas Eve.

If you have little kids in your house who are always begging to open a gift early - here is your solution.

If you have big kids and adults who just love to open presents....well here is your solution.

Once grandkids came along, my brother and I slid out of our receiving slot and our kids, the grandkids, slid in.  Now each grandkid has a tree in their bedroom and under it Grandma places their 12 days of Christmas gifts.

Once the grandkids became teenagers they decided they wanted to do the same for Grandma.  So now they place 12 gifts under the tree in her bedroom for her to open.  It just a gift opening bonanza around here.

These are supposed to be stocking stuffer type gifts but you just tailor them to the person you are buying for.

Here are some general ideas:

Young boys/girls
Coloring books
Card games
Crayons /colored pencils
Matchbox cars
$5 restaurant/ice cream gift cards
Special plates and cups just for them
small dolls
Shower gels
art sets
Cookie mix to make Santa's cookies
personalized pillow case

Older boys/girls
Nike socks
Fun colorful socks
chap sticks/ lip glosses
Restaurant gift cards
Movie Gift cards
Shower/bath products
Nail products (polishes, files, buffers)
Face Masks
Body sprays
Favorite snacks
Facial cleansers
phone chargers
ear buds
hot chocolate
Starbucks gift cards

And for completeness in the past the kids have given Grandma things like
A scarf
Keurig Tea
Shower Gels
Pandora charms
Slipper socks
Calendar for the new year
Photo Coasters
Greeting cards (because she mails cards to everyone all year)
Pharmacy Gift Cards

Now another tradition we have around here is that everyone gets a new pair of pajamas each Christmas.  Those would make an excellent gift for the Dec 24th present.

When we wrapped gifts back in July, we wrapped most of Grandma's 12 day gifts.  They each have a number on them so she knows which to open each day.  I found these little card stock numbers at the end of last season when when all the holiday stuff went 75% off at Target so hopefully they will have them again this year.
I can't post what is in these boxes because it would totally spoil her surprise for this year.  But you get the general idea.  It is a fun tradition.  I have no doubt my kids will carry it on for their own children because they absolutely love it.

Nordstrom is offering triple points this weekend and some attractive sale prices on some of my favorite items

Main Image - Frye Melissa Seam Boot (Women)
Frye Melissa Boot 50% off now $199

Main Image - Sole Society Rifkie Faux Leather Foldover Clutch
Foldover Clutch now $22.48
Main Image - Halogen Crisscross Wrist Cuff
Halogen Cuff $19.49
Main Image - Stance Astronomical Super Invisible No-Show Socks
Stance no-show socks

You might remember we talked about these socks before.  I think they are the best no-show socks I have tried.  They stay on your foot and don't ball up in your shoe while you are walking around.  Several Stance no-shows are on sale.  You can see all the Stance sale items here.

Happy Fall to you all !!!!

Enjoy your weekend.  Talk to you on Monday.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Review of a Cleaning Product

So I have spent a little more time on the sofa than usual lately which has left me with a lot of time to watch QVC.  They demonstrated this cleanser and I was sold.....primarily because it was a degreaser.
I placed and order for the GP66 cleanser.

I got two bottles for a little under $25.

Now just because I love  you, I am willing to show you the following images.  This is my vent from my stove's hood before I cleaned it.

And this is it after I cleaned it.


It may be hard to see but there is a lot of grease in that first picture.  Look, this is a working kitchen.  I cook about 6 days a week.  So that vent takes a lot of abuse.  I sprayed it and let it sit for about five minutes.  Then I dropped it into a sink of water and let me just say I was amazed at the gunk that came off of this thing.  I repeated this process two more times.  It is now sparkly and smells fresh.  Hopefully I can remember to clean it more frequently now.  

Since that went so well, I went ahead and wiped down all of my cabinets.  Then I had a couple of Bath and Body candles that we had burned down to the bottom.  I put each of them in a bowl of warm water to loosen the remaining wax so I could scoop it out.  Then I pulled off the labels and used the GP66 to clean off the remaining sticky residue.  Look how clean they turned out.

I always save these and use them for a number of things.  They are just a great size and come in handy for all kinds of things.  I have used them for a utensil caddy, a pencil holder, storing small crafting items like buttons, holding cotton balls or make-up brushes on a vanity or even as a small vase.  Don't throw out your old candle jars.  Clean them up and be amazed how many ways you will use them.

This cleanser also said it was good on soap scum.....I still have to try that but unfortunately I ran out of scrubbing energy in the kitchen this week.

I cleaned the vents, the cabinets and these candle jars and didn't even use half of one bottle.  So I feel like it was a good value and performed well.

Off to cook something in my sparkling to you soon.

Monday, September 18, 2017

New Target Brand - A New Day

Spent a little time browsing thru Target this weekend and loved this line

A New Day

One it has really cute stuff and two it has good prices.  Here are some of my favorites:

Plaid Coat

This coat is what drew me to the brand.  It is so cute. It is only $39.99 and comes in XS-XXL.  How great is that?

Then there is 

Quilted Jacket
The Quilted Jacket comes in 5 color options. I like them all.

Twill Anorak

The Anorak is in 4 color options and again XS- XXL - $39.99

But there's more than just coats check out these trendy tops:

$24.99 Floral Top

Plaid Top

Poplin Bell Sleeve

To see the whole line click here

But I  will show you just one more thing.

Ruffled Sweater

OK, that is all for now.  Check out the line yourself.  I think you will find some cute things.  Plus almost everything comes in all 6 sizes which makes it fun for everyone.

Wishing you a great week!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Gift for Readers

Today we are going to talk about a few ideas for any avid readers on your gift list.

But first, to see previous gift idea posts you can click below

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Now on to ideas for those who love to read.

Each month I review the books I have read that month and perhaps you can find ideas there.  But here are a few of my all time favorites:

I love a good book series.  Because when a book is good you don't want it to end.  My favorite way to read a series is for several of the books to already be in print so I don't  have to wait for the next one.  Here are a few of my favorite series.
Product Details
The Walk Series

The Mitford Series
Yada Yada Prayer Group

Of course, you can buy these series individually or you could give someone the whole set.

The following are all time favorites of mine.  When I have a chance to buy a gift for someone, these are often my go to books:
The Nightingale

The Traveler's Gift

When Crickets Cry

I personally think a devotional is always a great Christmas gift.  After all it is good to be equipped for the new year with a great devotional.  Here a few of my favorites:

Jesus Calling

Unlocking Belief

All in All

Now if you don't want to buy a book there are other things you could give:

Book lights

Now this next thing is ideal for someone who reads in bed.  It is like a throw for your shoulders.  And you know how I like a good throw.  But when you are sitting in bed reading with just your shoulders exposed this is ideal.

Reader's Wrap

And, of course, you can't go wrong giving a reader an opportunity to buy more books so a gift card to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million or even our new 2nd & Charles store.

Have a great weekend!